• Harold Sellers is an award-winning video editor, compositor and designer, as well as an accomplished musician and performance artist. The seeds of creativity were sown in his home town of Sebring, Florida, when he came under the influence of his cousin's eight-track tapes of "Deep Purple" and "Lynyrd Skynyrd."
  • After high school graduation, Sellers joined the Navy to see the world, which initially led him only as far as Boston Harbor, where he served as an "Old Ironsides" tour guide, dressed in authentic 1812 uniform. While this helped him hone his now legendary inter-personal communication skills, it was boring to the young man, and the fancy waistcoat was stifling. So Sellers signed up for duty on the guided missile cruiser "USS Dale".
  • A teenager loose in the Mediterranean, Sellers – how to put it delicately – engaged in much youthful social experimentation. But there came an epiphany in the ruins of ancient Greece and the museums of Italy. Sellers sums it up: "I saw firsthand the power of art."
  • Four years later, Sellers stepped off the ship for the last time in Charleston with little clue as to his next step in life. A temp agency placed him in the warehouse of Storer Cable where he handed out gear to cable installers. More importantly, he was near the cable company's public access studios, and he got the video bug.
  • With the help of some production courses at the College of Charleston, Sellers learned videography and lighting so well, he was offered a job at the local CBS affiliate, where he started making corporate videos, and learned how to edit videotape. "Editing was a heck of a lot nicer because I didn't have to lug all that gear around," was his philosophy. Local awards followed for promos for corporate clients like Delta Air Lines and the Ritz-Carlton and in 1984 Sellers headed to the greener pastures of Atlanta.
  • He joined Creative Video in Atlanta and gained more corporate work. By 1988 he made the move to Turner Studios, eventually becoming a Senior Editor and by 1993 he helped create CNN Post Production, gaining skills in compositing and motion design.
  • In 1995, Sellers co-founded 11th Street Post, in the vanguard of boutique post-production houses at the forefront of a revolution, as tape changed to digital information.
  • Along the way, Sellers won an Emmy, BDA, Promax and Telly awards for work at iXL, Soapbox Studios and Picture Tube. In his spare time, Sellers nurtured his lifelong passion for music, playing with the likes of Tommy Thompson Band, Chief Seattle, A Guy and A Girl , The Floyds, Gracie Moon, The Joe Kelly Band, The New Immortals, Rehab and The Higher Choir.
  • More importantly, Sellers survived the implosion of the dot.com world, and from the ruins emerged Harold, Inc. -- his current state- of the art multi-media company, offering audio and video production, photography, editing, digital imaging and effects.
  • "We are doing work here that I'm proud to put my name on. My goal in life is to make my clients successful – me too while I'm at it- and have a lot of fun at the same time."

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